Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Vase Terracotta

In this 3d model of terracotta of Vase I have tried to add effect of baked soil...

To download, Click here Download.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair fall is a great menace in today’s generation. The main reason can be diverse for different hairfall patients but the solution for all these people can be the same. Mental stress, hormonal chronology, high volume of medication etc. are some of the main reasons for your hair fall. You can say that you are facing the hair fall its no problem but your hair is not growing well. If you problem is related with hair growth then you have to make sure that the hair productive cells are not working well and you can do nothing about it but become frustrated only.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Microgeneration Certification Schemes Consumer Installer

Our first product has been enlisted in our online shop. As we promised in the last post that we will be back soon with our Data Entry products for you here we are. This is a spreadsheet consisting of more than 1000 entries in it which are based on Microgeneration Certification Schemes Consumer Installers collections. We have brought out most of the important contacts from their list of companies for your market analysis and other supports. Generally this work might take at least $50 for the freelancers to do but I am offering this spreadsheet for only $25 so that it will be easier for you to do some market analysis.

Just ping us for the product on our shop @Shah9il's Blog

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Gmail Tap: A new addition to keyboard world

Have you ever thought what would be Google’s new addition in their services? I know you were not even aware about the new additions made by Google to its services. It has recently added a new application for the Android and iPhone users to simplify their way of mailing. The name of that application is Gmail Tap. All the facilities that this application will be providing to you are shortening the keys used in a keyboard or on the Android or iPhone screen. Let me give you a brief overview of the features that have been added in this iPhone and Android based application –

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Look for the magical powers in the Diamond Dash!

You might have played the jewel hunt or something like gems gathering type of games before. I used to play them when I was a kid and it charmed me very much matching the gems in the row or in the column. But in the past not everyone used to play games like this as most of the people were unknown about the technology’s blessings. Let me tell you today I have also found out so many games like that of the gems hunt or so on. But among all those games I found the Diamond Dash to be a kind of appealing arcade game. This new game has so many things to catch your eye sight again you will be really charmed to play it.
If I tell you that this game is one of the most popular arcade games then it will not be wrong information as the developers of the Diamond Dash, Wooga has found that over eighteen million Facebook users like to play this game. Tell me why will not they love it? It has all those features what should be included in an arcade game.
Some hidden powers in the Diamond Dash
You might have passed out the primary levels with really hard labor by clicking single matches yourself but once you complete the levels up to eleven then you have got few master powers which will really boost up your matching probability. There are three different magical powers available for the gamers from the twelfth level. They are –
  • Magical Diamond is available from the start of the game. The much you match the gems will increase the bar towards this magical diamond which will generate a “Meteor” or fireball to fall on the respective column and demolish it. Not only the column but also the fireball will vanish the bottom row from your board,
  • Magical Bomb destroys almost half of the jewels which have surrounded the gems that included this magical bomb. The major concern is you will have to go to the twelfth level to enjoy this power,
  • Magical Gas is also available in this game. If it appears in a color then all other gems surrounding that color will be turned into the same color therefore it will generate a high level of matching for you. Just click the transformed gems once they will produce really a great point for you and will increase the bar above the board to get the magical diamond, 
  • Magical Sand watch will help you get an extra two seconds to match more gems in these two seconds.
Pricing plans set for the lives
You have been looking for all the powers you will be awarded with but let me remind you that this game also possesses some pricing plans for you so that you can swiftly play through. In each level you be awarded with a gold bar but there are some levels which can not be passed with just one chance for this reason you will be in need of at least five chances to pass each games. But in case if you are short of some lives to pass out the level then you can purchase five lives with seven gold bars that were rewarded to you for passing each level. For now, if you are still short of some lives then you can purchase the lives spending some real money. You can purchase get up to ten gold biscuits or bars whatever you say by spending only £1.49 with which you can get some lives to play the game. But if you are looking forward to minimize cost for this game then there is another way available for you just wait for extra seven to eight minutes so that your life bar gets refilled after each seven or eight minutes.

Diamond Dash: Let the maximum diamond be yours in only 60 seconds!

Players however loving the timely mannered games will really like a game developed by Wooga. From the wide range of games developed by Wooga we have found out Diamond Dash to be a fame gaining game. It is a kind of board based game where you will be given with a sixty seconds of timing within which you will have to rush for as much as jewels you can gather. The main concept of this game is to keep a social network active arranging different weekly tournaments to be played with other online players. The Diamond Dash developers have found out that there are over eighteen million users on Facebook who play Diamond Dash.
Tips for you to play Diamond Dash
This game is as simple as just scratching the finger on the phone. Generally it is very much popular with the Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod etc. So if you want to play Diamond Dash in your Apple device then just download it and launch the game. Then you will be given with an arcade which will be inclusive of so many gems in it with multiple colors like green, blue, red, yellow, and violet etc. You have to match the similar colored gems that are in a row or in a column. All you have to do is to touch on the gems that are adjacent to each other. One more thing you will have to match at least three gems. There is a life bar which gets increased with as many as matches you perform gradually. But it will start decreasing if you take a while matching the gems. When the bar reaches the highest level and touches the diamond you will be given with a diamond in your arcade so that when you touch the diamond a “Meteor” will fall in the board and will erase the whole column in which the diamond was placed and it will clear the bottom line as well. This is your test how much diamonds you can create to get to the optimum ranking.
Does it support online and offline gaming?
For the above question the answer is yes you can play the game in both situations offline in your device as well as online in various gaming portals like Facebook and Google+. There is an amazing thing about this game in the Facebook that is you will be awarded with the gold biscuits after you have passed each level but if your gold storage gets out of the gold then you can ask for lives to your friends or purchase your own life from the Facebook. Even there is another thing you will be cherished to here about that is you can just wait for eight minutes so that you will be enriched with an extra life to play the game.
Awards for the gamers
Getting on to each level you reward you with a gold biscuit with which you can buy lives for more gaming trials. There is another thing you will be awarded with in the online version of Diamond Dash that is life to play the game which gets enhanced every eight minutes. Further if you pass to reach the diamond in the game you will be given with a placement of diamond on your board which will clarify the whole column and the bottom row with a falling meteor or you can say fireball. If you have matched so many gems without sparing a moment then your board will start burning that means you have just rocked the board.
Where to download the game from?
Visit the Apple store to download it for iPhone or iPad and Google Play would be better if you want it in your Android device.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Local phone service providers

There are a lot of local phone service providers providing VoIP calling now a day.

The growth of local phone service companies

Local phone service providers are rapidly taking over. Telecom companies have currently begun the process of ending analog service, which is home phone service provided via telephone wires, and replacing it with digital service. In its most basic and easy to understand form, what digital telephone service means is that instead of transferring calls over a telephone wire, calls are transferred over the Internet. No more phone jacks, just a high speed Internet connection.